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Feb 21, 2013, 11:43 AM

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Re: [kallend] Inexpensive video editor recommendations?

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(my Adobe Premiere Version 6.5 is a bit long in the tooth and won't even load on my WIN7 PC).


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I went to the Adobe web site to look at educator packages and even tried to purchase. However, their site REALLY doesn't like either Win 7 Pro, or Chrome, or both. If they can't make a simple order form work on a Windows PC I'm not sure I'm about to pay them a lot of money for their software.

Sounds to me that your PC might be in need of an upgrade as well. The better programs out there take a lot of hardware to work properly and efficiently. I just got a gopro a few months back and have been playing with Sony Vegas 10. The first skiing video I did was 18 min long and I rendered it into 1080P on my old dual core AMD processor with 8gig of ram and windows 7. It took 10 hours to render it before it exploded a capacitor and burnt a hole into the board.

I have since upgraded to a new board (Asus M5A97), chip (AMD 8350), ram(8gig ddr3) and video card(gforcegt440) all for about $500 bucks. My last edit was a 12 min video that only took 30 min to render without blowing up my machine. Just something to think about, I didn't realize just how intensive it is on a PC to do HD video and I learned the hard way.

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