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Re: [Squeak] GoPro Mounted on the side of helmet safe?

Assuming the riser slaps it off vs catching and holding it, and in a full-face, not being able to deal with it.
I'll venture out on a limb and guess the OP is a very new skydiver, based on registration date and language in the question.

to Jornato: Please read this sticky before mounting and jumping that camera?
This thread is a recent reason if the others aren't enough for you.

Cutaways are critical for helmets with cameras on them. Fullface helmets require modifications for cutaways; no manufacturer provides them.

Full face helmets usually have the camera on top, or on the chin piece. There are some that have special mounts for Replay, Contour cameras, but not the GoPro.

Please adhere to the safety recommendations; they're not there because "the man wants to keep you down" but rather because many others have gone before you and some are just plain "gone" as a result of not adhering to the rules.

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