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Feb 11, 2013, 1:17 PM

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Re: [crotalus01] Skydiver’s Near-Death Experience Points To Lax Industry Oversight



I was agreeing with you Dan? A good observation, I'm going a step further and pointing out that there is a lack of continuity and the information we have has been carefully edited to show only one side of a story!!

Did this happen in Aug of 2012?

Why hasen't the WHOLE tape been shown?
Why has this idiot carefully posted pictures everywhere on the web and only half of them out of an unknown total number been shown?
Why does the audio cut out on the ground?
There are a number, a really large number of things that stink here, in addition to the helmet he uses, this thing stinks like an ad for Go-Pro...
Two weeks in the hospital??? Prove it!
Some crappy pictures that show a hung slider??? I can't tell if they are actual pictures in sequence or not because of the shitty and misleading editing!

Your spot on here, see what else you can find??? Cause obviously he's prepping for a law suit...

This link, but I suspect this link isn't going to be around long cause when the FAA see's it they will be going after the news station...

I suspect he will be going after the school? Someone there might want to chime in on this??

Additionally he post's jump number 29, he says it's jump number 29 in the vid and then he posts jump number 30 all on utube in September of 2012???
So what waas jump number 30? Suppoosed crash on 9 Aug 2012 BUT well enough to post shit videos in the following week on utube, give me a fucking break!

And why can't he grab his left toggle? Because he is too busy filming himself v clearing his slider?

Please also note that this suppoosed report states that they "SAW" two broken lines!!!
BUT upon examination of the rig...WHOA the two lines are no longer broken??? Chain of custody???

This is the problem with this joke of a report! Hey if Nixion can get away with erasing tapes, why cant't flores get away with suspension lines that are not broken???

"No wind," it clearly states in the report, O'H more bull shit where is the section on current conditions. How about posting the fucking USPA report the S&TA is supposed to fill out??? BACK to the wind...did anyone notice the canopy draging his sorry ass right after the landing??? or did you notice it flying in the breeze, how many knots exactly to fly a canopy on the ground??? and than gently quaff to the ground behind him??

Take that report and put it where it will do the most good, in a landfill because it is useless.

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