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Feb 5, 2013, 9:39 AM

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Re: [skybytch] Cutaway Rig Designs

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Add D rings to harness. Attach belly wart reserve. Done.

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This might be a good place to ad:

Just attaching D's to a harness is something that needs to be given some thought.

Mine has webbing sewed to the inside of the MLW by the manufacturer during initial construction, the removable D rings are slipped through that loop and tightened down...I just leave them on.

My rig also has side rings for the hold-down QE snaps featured on belly-wart reserves, anyone who's ever jumped with a wart on front without securing it down from the pivot point D rings knows why that's an advisable thing to do.

A face full of container at terminal stings a bit, and it covers the handles.

I've seen jury rigged set-ups that were not given a lotta thought as in - the separable D rings were simply attached to the MLW.


The rings will slide up & down the MLW rather freely which could and has caused problems when deploying a canopy from there. The whole mess can slide UP the MLW covering and/or damaging the handles as well as tearing the chest strap stitching.

Be aware that when your sport harness was designed & TSO'd it was never meant to have an opening shock force transferred to the front of the harness in that way.

Who's to say it will stay together? Wink

When mine was set up by the manufacturer MY initial request was merely to have an attachment point for demo gear...They felt having the rings there in that way might sometime down the road cause another owner of that rig to think it was okay for a reserve to be put they over designed it to take that kind of force.

Mine can & has been used that way...but the whole harness gets a complete inspection after every time.

That's the reason many people use an old harness under the regular rig to attach another's cheap insurance.

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