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Feb 3, 2013, 7:20 PM

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Re: [mjlaw201] aerodyne soft links

I would not jump Aerodyne slinks on any rig of mine. Therefore I would replace even if they were not worn, but I concur with others that they are reusable but should be replaced as often as the lineset and/or riser retirement.

1) I used to jump them before I was a rigger and the rigger who assembled my rig did not tack them. When a ring came out of the riser and was exposed, a brake line knotted on the ring and I had to land using rear risers as the tension knot was too hard to remove in busy canopy traffic. I believe (personal opinion) that the ring is more likely to snag a line in a tension knot.

2) As a rigger I found a canopy attached to the risers wrong with Aerodyne soft links. There was user error in how the canopy was attached - in a way that is impossible with PD or other slinks that have solid tabs instead of hoop rings. The ring allows a user to screw up the attachment and from a distance or upon casual inspection it looks correct. The canopy was able to be removed from the rig simply by shaking the lines on the risers... Oh, I probably should also say it was a Smart reserve that I found this way when I opened the container, and one of the 4 links had already come apart prior to me opening the rig. I contacted Aerodyne with a suggestion that they use solid metal disks, such as Cypres Washers, to avoid this user error, and their response indicated to me they were not passionate about the situation (meaning years later they have done little to correct the issue.)

I would never buy or recommend an Aerodyne product after that experience, especially their slinks. In contrast I have contacted a few other manufactures with things I found wrong with their products, and in every case they handled the situation. For an example, an AAD manufacture revised their manual a few days after I contacted them. A container manufacture fed-exed replacement components to me and spent the time to track down the specific person who incorrectly manufactured a component and recalled a batch of the product that person worked on. That is the level of safety we deserve.

Just my soapbox. That is all.Tongue

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