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Feb 2, 2013, 9:14 AM

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Re: [erkki] Best Dropzone in the World!!

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Where is it!!? Tell me...

This is what i want:

- No rules, you u can be yourself
- People are Kind
- Procees are acceptable
- Own opinin explain though...
- ( ballon is a BIG plus )

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Tongue * * * Old Guy Rant * * * Tongue

The dropzone I started at had 'No Rules' & the people were great!

As long as you were respectful of others they left you alone to make your own decisions...however if 'being yourself' meant being an asshole, you were shown the door real quick. Cool

Heck I held the pilot's beer for him during take-off on my 1st jump!

There were no pull altitudes, we jumped in all kinds of weather with all kinds of gear.

I did my first demo into a stadium, on a round parachute wearing M-18 smokes...with 22 jumps in my logbook.

Nobody charged another jumper $ for mentoring, and proficiency in every discipline was strongly encouraged.

It was an adult playground for hardcore dedicated skydiving enthusiasts. . .

The only fatality ever was a guy traveling through wanting to make a hop 'n pop. He functioned the main & cutaway. The reserve pilot chute got caught on the left-side open Capewell and he became one with the planet.
It was a good spot though, he only missed the peas by 20 feet!

It was a wonderful place to get a foothold in the sport... especially for a young guy like me at the time. I was 18 when I started jumping there and learned one of the most important life lessons there is ~

With freedom comes responsibility.

However... once the sport went mainstream the types of people becoming involved proved without any doubt that they couldn't be trusted with the responsibility of taking care of themselves.

Too busy to pack, too stupid to spot, too lazy to learn the basics - the 'take care of yourself' skydiving environment was turned into a welfare state. the freedom of 'No Rules' is gone - forever.

These days at a lotta places you have to prove you have batteries in your reserve before they will even let you sign a 20 page release of liability waiver.

Now there are enough 'Basic Safety Regulations' to choke Linda Lovelace...think about that, how dumb do you have to be to need your basic safety 'regulated'?

Safety 'recommendations' are written down so that some modicum of credibility for the people offering advise that might save your life can be referenced and cited.

Skydiving is no longer an 'extreme sport' allowing for individuality & self reliance. - It's a hobby that any meat-bomb with a pulse & a credit card meets the criteria for...

Those that hang beyond 'tourist' status are few & far between, they're today's hardcore enthusiasts and are to be applauded.

They are sticking with it 'even though' the bullshit they have to endure gets thicker every year! Cool

SIUCC ~ enjoy what ya got, it's what ya REALLY wanted anyway! Unimpressed

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