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Feb 1, 2013, 12:47 PM

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Re: [Chris-Ottawa] Cutaway Rig Designs

Note Chris that's ONLY for "real demos", the ones over or into a city or crowd, where an EJR is needed. That's in the section on SFOC's for demos, airshows, etc, I think.

Not required for any other jumping.(I think tandem demos are now legal in canada, but I haven't checked the wording -- it may be a hard to find CAR Exemption that allows dual harnesses.)

The Canadian air regs say very little about how you jump out of planes. It is more about airspace rules.

(One thing I'm not sure about is whether a DZ might have to get an SFOC due to the airspace they are in, and thus have to comply with the stuff you mentioned. It gets tricky. Not sure if dz's just have Memorandums of Understanding with local ATC, which I've seen, or if they ever actually need an SFOC.)

BASE gear with one canopy, no TSO, from a plane, is legal in Canada (although not by CSPA rules at places or events under their jurisdiction).

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