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Jan 31, 2013, 11:38 AM

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Re: [chedlin] Best AAD???

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I have a great deal of experience with what you are saying, but I've also seen PC's that worked fine 95% of the time and then croak. Never to fail any diagnostics test and not failing reliably enough to diagnose. You take your best guess and wait 3 weeks to see if it craps out again...

As such I'm not so optimistic about the 4 year service interval. With the Vigil you can get readouts of the sensor values. The complexity is several orders of magnitude lower than a PC so a power on test can be a lot more thorough.

Can someone with detailed knowledge indicate what Airtec actually tests on the checkup? Or would that be a trade secret?

My memory is that the Airtek, or SSK website has details of what happens during the check. It includes checking the activation near the limits of the firing parameters, and subjecting the unit to vibration and temperature conditions that might go a long way toward resolving the sort of "no fault found" that you speak of when trying to diagnose a personal computer's intermittent fault.

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