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Jan 30, 2013, 1:35 PM

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Re: [JerryBaumchen] Two canopy out - Multiple locations

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Hi john,

I don't even know how they're allowed to be jumped if they violate the TSO

Not trying to argue, trying to find out what leads you to conclude this.

Elaborate, please.


Depends. TSO-C23F refers to PIA TS-135 for minimum performance standards. I'd argue that the thumb loops violate the TSO cert due to the increase in pull force above acceptable limits.

TS-135 states clearly the "types" of systems that are subject to the standard (single harness reserve assembly, single harness emergency assembly, dual harness reserve assembly). The testing and certification is done on the rig. I'd argue that when you relocate the handles from the designed location(s) on the harness and install them on the suit. You've just added the suit to the system. The suit was not part of the system when certified. Therefore I don't see how you can still be in compliance. There doesn't seem to be anything in the document to cover this corner case but I believe a couple comments illustrate the intent. Section 4.3.3 lists testing requirements for reserve ripcord. First few words are "Under normal design operating conditions". I don't think ANY skydiving container with the handles relocated meet that standard. It's not the way they were designed, nor how they were tested during certification.

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