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Jan 29, 2013, 1:13 PM

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Re: [FB1609] Two canopy out - Multiple locations

When properly rigged I have yet to see the issue with these. People want to put something half assed together without consulting a rigger/mfg and doing the research, or ignore the plain to see fact that the rig they have doesn't match the suit they got, they gonna get bitten. If they think they can just throw it all together and find out if it works properly for the first time in the air, they gonna find out for the first time in the air for sure.

This is a mod, not a commercial product. It should be treated as such. It doesn't always work out of the box and modifications on the suit/rig are sometimes needed, which is why it's not sold as sky gear. Accept it before you buy it or get the x3. For Christ sake it's the same damn suit minus some cool factor. The only reason to get one of these is if you are actually competing, which makes youa big boy, or should at least. YMMV.

And FYI - the setup shown in the hard pull video is now banned and not in use. I understand why Spot is still showing it - he is trying to show what can happen when you start playing with things and have a bad system/suit/rig combo. It is meant as a deterrent for the uninformed that just want the biggest coolest thing out there. How ever some of you are reacting to that vid as though that setup is still considered airworthy. It is not. The fact they jumped that setup many times before ever trying a pull test on the ground speaks more to the understanding they have for the gravity of the craft they chose for themselves then the validity of the setup.

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