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Jan 28, 2013, 2:31 PM

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Need advice on used gear

Hi there,

I am new to this sport and in the market for a used rig. Somebody offered me this for 600 Euro/900 $:

Container: Teardrop 05/91
Main: Flight Concepts Clipper Sprint 195 "F111", 150 Jumps
Reserve: Flight Concepts Fireflite 175 DOM 05/91, 0 Jumps
AAD: Expired

The condition looks pretty good to be honest the kit was not used for years so there are not many jumps on it. What extra cost for services do I have to budget? He told me I have to send the container to the manufacturer for inspection it supposed to be done every 5 years as well as a repack for the reserve if I want a new AAD. I might need to add that I want to jump in Europe (Spain, Uk, Germany).

I know its old but at the moment I am tight on budget and would appreciate some opinions on this.


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