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Jan 27, 2013, 3:42 PM

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Re: [dpfire29] which altimeter to buy for beginner skydiver

I just started myself, And I decided to go with an Alti-2 Galaxy. I bought it used thru the classifieds here so i picked it up for under $100.

Here's why I picked it as a newbie

* Established Company - I know if I have problems with it, Alti-2 will most likely still be here to help me out (Plus i live in DeLand, so it's local)

* Analog altimeter - While i realize anything can break, I know my eyes are not yet the best judge of altitude, so I did not want anything that depends on batteries as my primary altimeter

* Field replaceable lens - I know my landings are going to suck, I know I'm clumsy in the plane, and I haven't even started group dives yet... So i know it's only a matter of time before the lens is scratched or broken, so it's nice to know "I" can fix it for $10

* Glow Face - Night jumps are a long way off.. but it's nice to know the altimeter I bought as a newbie will still be useful later on as well

I will say that I hate that it's pretty much worthless once you get below 200ft (the width of the needle is about 100ft).. I think it would be nice to have a digital when it comes time to land... however I also think that's an area where I really need to train my eyes, so it's probably for the best

Another thing I like about my galaxy having a removable lens, is that it allowed me to somewhat customize the face.. I didn't want to do anything extreme, but when i was going thru AFF I found myself looking at my altimeter.. but not always READING my altimeter... so I wanted a reminder that 5.5 was time to pull ... so i made some tiny vinyl decals and added them to the face, pics attached

With all that said, this doesn't mean it's the best altimeter for you, but those are the reasons i chose it for me

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