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Jan 25, 2013, 2:37 PM

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Re: [ericja321] Question about buying a new container

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I am just afraid of buying something brand new that I am going to "grow" out of (down sizing) and have to spend a bunch more wife will hate me. Unsure

So don't buy something brand new.

Canopies which can be relatively safe in 250, 500, 1000 jumps are very dangerous now. Buying one you'll "grow into" puts you at risk for death and injury (which gets real expensive even with health and disability insurance) is not the right choice.

Get a used main and used container. Both will depreciate about $1/jump. If you want a smaller main sell what you have and buy another used canopy. Repeat as desired within the safety limits laid out by Brian Germain's Wingloading Never Exceed Formula. When the container is too big for your desired main size, sell and replace it.

Regardless of how many canopies you go through you'll have spent about $2/jump on depreciation. If you do a good job buying and selling it'll be less.

Some time you'll arrive at gear sizes you'll want to keep indefinitely and can get something flashy in your colors.

Also note that if you're an odd body shape/size and can't get a used container which fits it's possible to put a new harness on a container (often about $400) where used + modifications are less expensive than new.

If you do buy new accept that you'll take a bigger loss selling it. Your wife will be less unhappy about the budget hit than she will taking care of you after you break yourself.

Also look at less popular rigs like the Sunrise Wings. The markup is less.

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