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Jan 25, 2013, 8:42 AM

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Re: [chuckakers] PD new canopy "Peregrine"

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Unless you can fly the shit out of a Comp Velo, why even bother with anything faster?

I've been saying that about (insert canopy type here) for years. The Peregrine takes the concept to new levels, but the problem remains the same.

Like the Velo in the early years, PD will be very careful who they release the Peregrine to. But just like the Velo, PD will not be able to control the sale of used units down the road.

if you never sell the canopy there can't be used ones out there.
by just letting the few competitors borrow or lease them you can control who jumps them.
car companies have been doing that with their high end cars.

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