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Jan 25, 2013, 6:18 AM

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Re: [wmw999] Question about buying a new container

Thanks Wendy. I am in the military and have been through free fall school, we packed a lot there (flat packing) and a lot since then. It is a real pain to get a 370sf in it's container. I am not afraid of a tight fit and will be the only one packing (my main). As for the off DZ landings, I have landed in an unmarked DZ using GPS to find my glide ratio to ensure that I landed into the wind, at night on a pretty small DZ in the woods with body armor on, a rucksack hanging from me, a weapon across my belly and O2 on. Granted it was a 7 cell, 370, F-111 and not a cut away, but I feel pretty comfortable under canopy in stressful situations. I do however, totally agree that if I am riding my reserve that I probably don't want a high wing load. I am just afraid of buying something brand new that I am going to "grow" out of (down sizing) and have to spend a bunch more wife will hate me. Unsure Thanks for your advice though, I will definitely take it all into consideration.

After proof reading this reply I noticed that I sound cocky. I don't mean to come off that way, I just wanted to give you the full situation so that you didn't think I was some newbie "hot shot" that is going to hurt himself. I am going to be as safe as I possibly can be. There is too much out there to miss out on being hurt or dead! Not to mention other jumpers that can be effected by someone being unsafe.

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