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AggieDave  (D License)

Jan 25, 2013, 3:43 AM

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Re: [mchamp] PD new canopy "Peregrine"

The deeper I got into CP competitions the more I was amazed seeing every day jumpers using no-shit competition canopies for every day jumping. Full RDS, small sized HMA and competition loaded canopies for their AFF jumps or camera jumps. That's like being a pizza delivery boy and driving a track car. Sure you *can* do it, but why put all that wear and why fly something that requires so much undivided attention on "real" skydives with other people?

If you're reading this and go "why does it matter?" Then you've probably never jumped something loaded north of 2.5 with a full RDS and tried to fly around traffic or dodge something due to an off heading opening. The speed that the canopy holds in just full flight is staggering.

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