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Jan 23, 2013, 5:50 PM

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Re: [lilchief] walking foot sewing machines

Like all light garment sewing machines, E or 69, or TEX 70 nylon bonded thread is at the outside of the range for the system. But within the range. Most people with this type of machine use a 20u. Which any competent mechanic will tell you is not designed for E thread either. However, if set up properly it will be fine. If it will take a size 18 needle, it will sew E thread. Mechs don't like this because in their normal work, that size of thread is usually called upholstery thread and is mostly used in heavier walking foot machines. But even Jerry pulls E thread in his domestic Singer 401. I have sold dozens of small domestic sewing machines. I have yet to see one that won't sew E thread. That Pfaff is a good machine, but sell it if you must. How much?


Edited to say that I see you are a long way from me. (Canada- Norway) I don't think I'll be buying your Pfaff! Since you were asking for model options for a combo straight stitch and ZZ machine. Many people start with one of the Singer or other brand 20U machines. I like mine, but it's a compromise. It's a lot like a Pfaff 118!

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