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Jan 22, 2013, 6:17 PM

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Re: [The111] Body Comp & Ideal/Max Performance Relationship? (Range Suits Specific)

Hey man thanks for help! I'll just ask more people who are serious flockers then. ;)

You are pretty average, which is a good place to be

Very encouraging to hear. And Thanks for your take on the suits. Much appreciated.

T clarify though, I'm not committed to either brand per se, although Squirrel's suits are looking pretty fuck'n amazing, and they should be out with an intro/intermediate suit in the next few months if I read that right. Also I'm from SNE, and Jeff Nebelkopf has large presents there with the exception of last season, so I'm exposed to them more than any other suit on average. PF is on the radar though as you 'll see:

I was originally looking at this line up:

1.Havok (For back flying and it's over all agility Which the Host lacks?), flocking and working with students way down the road. Seems like it could replace the an intro suit if flown right. Almost a jack of all trades suit it seems.)
2.Colugo or X2 (For all things range and speed, obviously not right now though. Even though I know someone who went from an I bird and skipped to a V4 and has been ridding it steady for a year + now. I have to admit this makes me want to go faster in my progression then I should when I hear this because I'm a fast learner.)
3. Something bigger? Time and experience will tell...

As far as intro size suit, Squirl's soon-to-be-released version sounds interesting. I love the P3, but I'm trying to see if the Havok could just take it's place due to it's agile and versatile nature.

What's you take this and the above line up?

To clarify my goals:

While all things wings is pretty damn fun all around, solo activities such and speed and distance comps have way more of my attention, with WS BASE being the long term goal. But I love back flying and that's usually juxtaposed to the suits I would need for the above disciplines. Hmmm. Guess I'll just need 2 suits then Tongue. The small flocks I've been in have been fun. They're just not my end objective. I look at them as serious skill builders more than the discipline I'm interest in. Kind of like free flying. Very import to have those skills sets but give my horizontal flight any day over vertical.

I dropped out of school, started working at a DZ, got my WFR, took my FFC, then my FJC (and am taking another one), bought my SD and BASE gear, have stared rock climbing more and trying to get in all related disciplines that will help me in my goal. And am looking for a mentor as we speak. I'd like 300 WS jumps minimum with 20 balloon exits in a WS, before even attempting it in BASE and even then I'd want 100-150 BASE jumps before I even started WS BASE. Respect is key. ;)

The above goals are all self oriented I admit. The ultimate and final goal though is to be able to teach in some capacity. Nothings even touches the rewards teaching. EVER.

Hopefully I've give you better idea of what's going on now.

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