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Jan 22, 2013, 3:55 PM

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Body Comp & Ideal/Max Performance Relationship? (Range Suits Specific)

Hey everyone, been a member for a few years, but never posted anything since I always got answers at the DZ by just asking in person. But now I seem to have stumped myself, not to mention others.

So here's what I got (Sorry if this has been asked before):

Is there a way to [pre-] determine your [theoretical] maximum/ideal suit size for RANGE/ Forward SPEED based flying determined by body composition ALONE?

My question is based on what PF wrote on their web site (Other's have said the same):

"Your body type and weight are large determining factors in choosing a wingsuit.
Someone with a heavy frame may require a bit more wing to keep up with formations of different speeds. At the same time, someone with a small, light frame may not have the wingload to fly a bigger suit at the speeds his or her heavier buddies are. It's important to know that bigger isnt always better."

Aside form just buying a ton of different suits and trying them (When my skill level will allow it) I can't figure out how else to EFFICIENTLY and accurately, and feasibly answer this question. Sure, in theory I could borrow or even buy all the larger suit when I get some more WS jumps in, but in the case of borrowing, most people I now just are way bigger than myself so this option is out the window. So consequently going on data is the only feasible and practicle option I can see.

5' 8.5"
145 lbs
Athletic build (i.e. runner)

I'm not ready for a big suit yet, but I'd like to know where my maximum/ideal is so that I don't end up blowing $2k someday just to realize I made a mistake, and that I was better with what I had all along. Selling a suit used for a guy my size isn't easy and I don't ever want to be forced into that position if possible.

For those of you who will need/want more info about myself in order to answer this question a bit better, just let me know. I'm not going to post more details unless necessary because I'm trying not to muck this post up.

Thanks everyone!!!

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