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Jan 22, 2013, 12:42 PM

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Re: [davelepka] Learning to Swoop...A YouTube Saga

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I'm not talking about the big downsize, the poor canopy selection or the high WL for his jump numbers, just the way he flies. Not even the poor traffic management and lack of a pattern, just look at his hand movements when he flares, every one is a 'panic flare' way down to 3/4 brakes, then a pop-up and shit landing.

Again, because he's walking away, he thinks he's doing it right....

Yeah - it's the first thing I noticed too. Can't flare worth a damn. I'd guess he is afraid of the ground when he is coming in on a sub-conscious level.

Depending on where he learned I can overlook the wingloading somewhat. It's not _that_ out of line for a starting jumper. Though, the small canopy plus slightly more aggressive wingloading doesn't make this easier that's for sure.

Not to mention camera @ 100ish jumps... sigh. Let's just do it all at once.

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