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lurch  (D 27583)

Jan 21, 2013, 11:48 PM

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Re: [SEREJumper] Learning to Swoop...A YouTube Saga

Aggressive downsizing,
Working his risers like an ape,
Can't fly straight or plan a predictable approach to save his life,
Pays no attention to obstacles such as other canopies or people on the ground, boxing himself into a corner where sooner or later he'll either be forced to turn into the ground or hit someone, cuts people off, flies erratically through the pattern,
Can't keep the damn thing from popping up and dumping him on his ass, does not understand the art of a decent flare yet,
Hasn't yet mastered standing up his landings,
And he's "learning to swoop". He's only trying to fly about 700 jumps beyond his skill level, what could possibly go wrong?

This ought to be good. Anybody want to bet on a femur inside of 2 years? Although judging by the way he sets down it'll be one or both wrists, first.
(gets the popcorn going)

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