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Jan 19, 2013, 2:49 PM

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Re: [Joellercoaster] Vector V3 sizing (need riggers advice)

Thanks for the tips guys.
I wasn't going to buy anything without checking with instructors at the DZ first. 190 is what was suggested as my first by my instructors but that's under the assumptions I've done a few more jumps. I've been jumping 230 student rigs and landing them quite well in mixed conditions (up to 15 knots). Even as inexperienced as I am I can feel how docile the 230 is. I know it's a decent step from a 230 down to a 190 but I feel fairly confident I can land it without fucking myself up too badly. I'll be jumping a student 190 before buying anything and the seller has even offered to let me jump his rig with either a 210 spectre or the 190 sabre2 before I buy it. The only issue is he is 95kg and an inch taller than me and the previous owner was taller and heavier again so I may be a little small for it. If I do end up having to buy a new container then I will rethink that 175 reserve, I had not mentioned it to instructors yet but I suspect they will advise on the same lines as you guys. My thinking was, "I can deal with a hard landing under a small reserve, at least i'll live" but after the above comments I can see this may be a rookie mistake Unsure.

I do plan on buying second hand but it's hard to find good gear here in Aus. I'm not in any hurry though. I'm happy to use the DZ gear for a little while longer yet.

Thanks again. If I have to get a new container I'll shop for one that can fit a both a 190 main and 190 reserve.

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