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Jan 19, 2013, 1:07 PM

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Re: [urlauber] low jump numbers, camera and low exits

In the USA you are allowed to drive a car when you are 16. Without doing any monitored driving practice or education. You only have to pass the tests.

But in my opinion, skydiving sport, is over regulated.
If someone with 50 jumps wants to jump a small elliptical canopy and a gopro on his helmet i would recommend not to do this. But i think everyone has the right to take his own decision.

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Not in Texas or California...!

Texas has mandatory drivers education and you can't get an 'unrestricted' drivers license until you're 18.

IIRC California is about that same way...I'm sure other states are either on par or heading that way.

You have to get 'certified' instruction, pass a written then a practical test proving a level of competency & be chronologically considered an adult before they turn you loose to make the usual stooopid mistakes.

Skydiving is a privileged not a right, we've learned through the piles of broken bodies & countless dents in the planet that if left to their own, many dive into the deep end long before they can even tread water.

It's set up now so that you in effect HAVE to follow a predetermined path, because it's rather hard sometimes to learn from your mistakes when you are badly broken or dead.

I remember when some instructors were never 'rated', when the only license you needed was a drivers license for beer runs - which started about noon because the morning coolers ran out, I remember when 1/2 the reserves on the DZ didn't have seals...Heck I flew jumpers for 3 years before I ever took a flying lesson!

The group was a lot smaller back then, but the fatality rate was roughly the same...that kinda tells me that taking control through the guidance of regulation has had a positive effect.

And don't think for a minute that the regulations we're dealing with right now through USPA involvement wouldn't be 10x's worse were we dealing strictly with the FAA without the buffer.

SIUCC ~ it could be worse & trust me, it's NEVER gonna be LESS regulation! Wink

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