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Joellercoaster  (D 105792)

Jan 19, 2013, 6:44 AM

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Re: [skybytch] Vector V3 sizing (need riggers advice)

Trev: I'm about your size, have jumped the exact canopies you are proposing, and what the two very experienced people above have said is the truth.

Don't size your reserve with "only going to have to land it occasionally" in mind.

Size it with "when I have to land it, I'm going to be high on adrenaline, low, off the dropzone in poor visibility and under an unfamiliar canopy" in mind.

I weigh the same as you (maybe a few kilos more, I was 227 geared up last time I weighed myself (do this, it's an eye opener)), have a reasonable number more jumps, and my reserve is only one size down from what you're proposing... and my next rig will have the same size reserve as well. For a big lad, 175 is aggressive even a couple of hundred jumps from now!

Good luck with your gear choices... I love my Vector, but waiting six months for the next one is simply not going to happen Tongue

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