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Jan 15, 2013, 11:12 AM

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Re: [ufk22] Advice on building a one-instructor (AFP) program

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The USPA system sort of worries me, as technically a T-I can oversee a student from their first jump to their A-License, but they're not trained for the freefall portions where the student isn't hooked up to them.
Not having a TI IRM in hand, I would argue against any TI participating in any AFF harness-hold jump.

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No spin stops, rollovers, harness docks... none of it.
...for that very reason.

Personally I would refuse to jump AFF with a TI on the other side on a two-instructor jump.

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If you read the SIM, cat c training is the rub for a TI or single-side AFF. You can't do it.
Because TI are not trained in the harness-hold method.

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Once a student gets through Cat C, a tandem I can take him through D-H in the sl/iad progression.
I would argue that. Again, the old harness-hold training. Do you have something specific that says a TI can participate in a Cat D jump or higher?

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