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Jan 15, 2013, 9:33 AM

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Re: [mr2mk1g] Maximum Pilot Age?


This issue in the states is a time bomb. Just ask Bob Hoover.

I am not surprized that this issue started in the UK, what with your mandatory retirement of all motor car opeerators and such? Wink

On the other hand the flying public, not based on any real science, here in the usa , has dictated mandatory exile of all ATP's, (Flying for a commeercial carrier, like Delta, etc) basically when you hit 60. Now I know that the age I just stated isn't the actual age, but in the bis, might as well be! (For all practicible purposes.)

The military basically dumps you at 30, yes there are plenty of exceptions, that's my point!

In a real and just world this should be an individual, case by case issue! It isn't.


Hey airtwardo, your awsome! generally when I post something it is a loaded question, or an answere with lot's to think about! The well publizized incident because it made it to some tv show...Frontline? or was it 60 min? Anyways it left the FAA with a lot of egg on it's face, so I have to be very carefull how I respond to some things...anyways so how is or are less than 500 inspectors who's job is not to enforce regulations in a climate because of "Homeland security," now that there is so much confusion between the FAA, DOT, HS, and the NTSB and for laughs throw in all of the great help local and State authorities provide by: "Helping." Not all incidents get reported, in fact a shitload of stuff never makes it to the : and this is only one of about 40 .GOV sites that exsist... The point being a shitload of crash's never get reported,...think insurance, So do you reccomend taking away tickets at some age??? Or without comment, how do we find the Bob Hoovers, in the world, that is if in fact Bob was deserving of that close exam that he received???

Anyways glad you said it! SmileSmileSmile

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