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Jan 13, 2013, 6:14 PM

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Re: [ufk22] low jump numbers, camera and low exits

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I started jumping a Stiletto at 38 jumps. The DZO and my instructor each recommended it.

Back in those days the internet forum was rec.skydiving. Plenty of those people whined about my canopy choice just like you are whining now.

Over 2,700 jumps later I remain alive and uninjured. Along the way I won a Nationals medal and have been on 8 world record jumps of various kinds.

Basically what someone else jumps is between him/herself, the FAA and the DZO.
Anyone who would recommend a Stiletto, no matter the wingloading, to someone with 38 jumps is either a fool or someone trying to sell a canopy.

OK well I didn't want have to go here, but WTF... First, I don't think Roger Nelson was trying to sell him a canopy, because that would be who would be the one responsible in this case, if I'm not mistaken, John did his training @ skydive Chicago. Second, I do NOT think Roger Nelson was a fool. What I do know is, are the facts, and they speak loud and clear, Roger Nelson was way ahead of a lot of people in many way for many years in this sport. Many people then & and now say his was a fool for placing lightly loaded and detuned sabre's and Stiletto's into his student program was stupid and dangerous and all that shit... HE trained thousands of FJS's doing it that way with great success. I have followed that very same program, along other programs of Roger Nelson's with great results as well.

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