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JohnMitchell  (D 6462)

Jan 13, 2013, 8:56 AM

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Re: [humanflite] Fatality- Strathallan- 2013

I can see that his rig has a D-ring reserve handle, very easy to grab and pull, as opposed to the soft handles. Do you think he "free fell to get stable" after cutting away? Or had trouble finding the handle?

With 100 jumps under his belt, he may not have ever had a cutaway before. Does anyone know how he was trained?

We train "find both handles, grab both handles, arch, cutaway, pull reserve".
Many places train "two hands, cutaway, find reserve, two hands, pull reserve." We all know that when you cutaway and drop back into freefall, it can get weird. Already having a good grip on your reserve handle can be a real lifesaver.

Once again, an RSL could have saved a life. I wish more people would consider using them.

My condolences to friends and family left behind. Unsure

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