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bigjonwa  (C 40058)

Jan 11, 2013, 9:35 PM

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HDR-PJ10 question

I have a HDR-PJ10 that im having problems with getting a good video. The camera is mounted on a flattop vapor.The video seems very shaky so in an attempt to correct this problem i have done the following but with no luck....

- Tightened all mounts and made sure nothing is loose
- Tried shooting with stabilization in ACTIVE mode and STANDARD.
-Havent tried with stabilization completely off yet.

The video seems to be at the worst when i am filming belly down, flat and stable but once im in a track or glide, it seems to smooth out a bit...

Are there some setting im missing? I think i have read in the owners manual that the camera can sense when it is falling and protects the hard drive when it feels this.. Could turning that feature off possibly solve this?

Any help is appreciated.

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