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Jan 10, 2013, 11:12 PM

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Re: [Stefan_r10] Something you don't see everyday...

Ok, Ok good job guys! It is in fact a Russell "Lobe" Parachute, made by the Russell Parachute Company, San Diego, CA.

I have a lot of research to do on this, without very much info to be gained from the previous owner. I can't confirm the DOM since I have not opened it up yet to see if the canopy is marked in any way, I also do not know if it is silk or the cotton variety of canopy yet. The carry bag it came in (and I guess spent its ENTIRE life in) is marked with a different serial # than what is on the container. I'm not sure if the container stamp is factory russell, or the servicing dealer that packed it stamped it.

I can tell you this for certain, it was packed in 1936 only once form the parachute dealer and has been like that way for up to 83 years! (If in fact built in 1930 like the carry bag states).

The way the ripcord opens up the container with no pilot chute is very interesting. I would have (tried to) stow the ripcord, but the bungee inside the ripcord pocket has long since given up the fight to hold anything, so the ripcord will not stay in unfortunetly.

The other interesting note about this container is the D-rings on the main lift webs, I initially thought this was a PEP, but after looking in Poynters, I noticed Russell had made a "Trainer" container that allowed a chest reserve to be fitted on the front!!! So could this be one of the oldest "dual" parachute skydiving rigs in existance?!? Maybe!

I haven't figured out when/where/how I'm going to open it up to inspect it, but if/when I do it will be fully documented since I do not think another one of these, in this conditon/state will be found anytime soon.

Has anyone ever seen a Russell Lobe in person, either in a museum or personal collection? It would be interesting to know.

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