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Jan 9, 2013, 8:56 AM

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Re: [billvon] Which is more likely to save your life?

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>AAD, if my RSL fails, my AAD could still save the day.

Not really. I can think of 3-4 people who cut away around 1000 feet with an AAD but no RSL; they went in.

Could save the day. If I chop my main and my RSL doesn't work (for whatever reason, lets say it disconnected) and I don't pull my reserve handle, for whatever reason... Then there's a good chance my AAD will cut the reserve loop when the right parameters are met.

If my AAD fails, my RLS could save the day, but only in case of a successful chop (risers+RSL leave). If there's no main out, then the RSL won't do a thing.
I didn't mean to say that my AAD will 100% do the trick, but there's a significant chance that it will ;)

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Also managed to successfully pull silver myself twice, where a RSL would have done nothing, so under the same circumstances, I'd be very likely to do it again.

THAT is scary!

What do you find scare? The fact that my RSL wouldn't have made a difference, or my way of thinking?

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This is wrong headed thinking. There is a several hundred foot window where a Cypres (I'd have to look up Vigil) will not help. You have to fall far enough to reach the activation speed AND not get below the 'do not fire' altitude (160' without looking, may be wrong) An RSL is likely to aid in quicker deployment no matter the altitude. Of course too low is too low.

Cypres 2 expert will fire at 750' if the vertical speed is 35> m/s. If chopped below this altitude, the cypres will fire when the chop is detected. The unit will disengage from 140 ft and below, where cutting the reserve loop will definitely not make a difference anymore.

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