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stratostar  (Student)

Jan 7, 2013, 8:48 PM

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Re: [skybill] Looking for information:Sparrow Canopy

Hey Sky Bill,

The OP (propblast) asked me if I knew anything about it.... threw me for a loop, never heard of it.... now I know why...LOL Seem this chappy has scored one of his own in a sleeve or something or other....

Me thinks we need to see some photos!

Oh yea... me thinks you might lose some of the kiddies in translation...

Showup at scare-us-valley when Airtrash is in force and maybe they will let you see one up close!! Play on Sweet Gypsy's, Play On!!!!!!!

Propblast, now you know why I told to you post it here, some old fart (said with all due respect & well wishes SkyBillAngelic) is bound to know the answer... Laugh

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