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Re: [DJL] Jump Ship of the Future?

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Now imagine a military platform that could allow soldiers to float 50 ft above an urban warfare environment surrounded by bulletproof glass.

If you think that is an application suitable for this aircraft, please, stay out of the aircraft business. Anything this large and slow is pretty much a sitting duck for any type of weapon system. At 50ft AGL, even if the cabin were a bullet-proof titanium shell it wouldn't matter because the rest of the aircraft certain can't be. It's not going to explode like the Hindenburg, but an RGP would certainly make a big enough hole in it to effectively vent gas and bring it down. And at 50ft . . . there'd be a hell of a lot of target. You wouldn't even have to really aim.

You just don't fly large, slow multimillion dollar manned aircraft at low level over enemies who can shoot them down with devices costing a couple hundred bucks. That's silly. That's Blackhawk down.

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