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Re: [akarunway] Perception and what we hear.

This happened to me (sort of) many years ago at a boogie. 2nd load of the day, bases at 3000, tops a little over 4000, a 14-way belly dive. The plan was break off a little high (5500), track and stop above the clouds, fall through and then deploy out the bottom. This is/was pretty standard, don't want to be flying canopy in the clouds.
Everything went as planned, but the bottoms had dropped to around 1800 during our climb to altitude.
Everybody was pretty disciplined til 2 grand, then everyone got more scared of the ground than of a canopy collision.
People watching from the ground said it was neat to see all the blossoming canopies appear from nowhere.
My SOP for that type of cloud has always been to track 1000-1500 above the tops and be sure to stop
before hitting the cloud, fall straight through, deploy just under in the clear. This assumes the bottoms are high enough.

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