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Jan 3, 2013, 10:59 AM

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Re: [DocPop] Katana 120.... Next step?

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After doing this for a while, the haters came up with the new rule of "the harness has to be facing same direction and lines can not be twisted while work jump landing."

That sounds like pure jealousy!

That's likely, but it's also possible there are corporate liability issues for the DZO. To me, the issue would seem better solved by just not employing people who push the boundary lines while working. I dunno - people have a lot of reasons for doing the things they do.

I've been told straight up that I'm a hater and to stop hating because I was honest with someone that I thought was in over their head. I personally don't have any jealousy issues going on, cause I only swoop for fun. I just don't like seeing / dealing with injured people. It's hard for people to understand that though.

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