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Jan 2, 2013, 1:37 AM

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Perception and what we hear.

I had some one message me that the winds were strong enough that the DZ had a B license restriction in place and this jumper seemed to have stabbed a single toggle for no apparent reason not far off the ground. The DZ shortly after this raised the winds to a C and then a bit later to a D requirement and finally shut down for the day.

This is a situation that just because its a boogie it is not always a great idea to push the limits of what is safe.
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The other day I was at a Boogie, cloud was looking iffy. Load organiser said, "we're wating for the current load to land so I can check the conditions, before we manifest."
Load lands, Load organiser speaks to fellow load organiser, He says, "im not comfortable in these conditions, so we are holding off for a while."
So my load organiser relays this info to me, I say, OK no probs, we'll sit and wait a while see if it improves.
My Load organiser tells another jumper on our load the same as i was told.
His response,
OK that's no problem, Ill pop over and see if i can join the other group on the load.

Same discussion 2 very differing outcomes.

BTW The 2 load organisers are world record holding jumpers with thousands of jumps, very well respected in the OZ skydiving scene.

Now nothing bad eventuated from the jump i sat out from, but i was interested in the way the other jumper heard something completely different to what I heard.

Just because you can does not mean you should.

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