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How to stop short on landing/comments on "Demo Jumper hits spectators"

The referenced thread included a video of a jumper landing at a demo, and overshooting enough to get way too close to the spectators. I have seen people getting way to close to obstacles too, when they have misjudged how far their canopy will fly.

Please allow me to suggest a solution. It is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and it requires some knowledge, and perhaps even some practice, but it can work very well.

If you have flared and your canopy is "planing out", it might fly a long way before slowing down to the point where you are ready to put your feet down. However, any part of your body that is touching the ground will add a lot of drag and slow you down quickly.

You may need only to let up on your toggles a small amount and allow your canopy to sink closer to the ground where you can slide in the landing.

Granted, the normal caveats apply. You must evaluate (or have knowledge of) the landing area, and protect your tailbone. You might need to forgo this method if the landing area is rough. There are risks to anything out of the ordinary.

It will also require considerable concentration, and confidence that this technique will work, all the while getting closer to your obstacle or spectators.

One must also be willing to accept the wear on their legstraps, and getting their gear dirty too. However, I think this is a small price to pay for not flying so close to spectators (or an obstacle).

Think about it. Would you rather get your gear dirty, or hit that chain-link fence? (By the way, a PLF will add enough drag to slow you down too.)

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