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Dec 30, 2012, 5:44 AM

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Re: [PhreeZone] Water landing? - Sebastian FL - 28 December 2012

It sounds like the level of wingsuit experience was less than 10 jumps and it was on a smaller and newer female jumper

Based on the experience level, I have to question the idea of flying a wingsuit (or a canopy) 'out to sea'.

To me, this sounds like the same idea of flying too far downwind in the landing pattern before turning onto the base leg. If winds should pick up, and you fly too far downwind, by the time you turn into the wind for final, you may not make much forward progress, and end up short of your intended target. For this reason, you watch the winds, and adjust your pattern turn-in points accordingly. The idea is to play the odds, and not put yourself in a position where you lack 'options' if conditions should change on you.

I would suspect that this was a similar situation. If the load was spotted out over the water in any capacity, I'm sure it was for good reason. None the less, to fly yourself even further out is foolish. If you're flying a wingsuit, or tracking, or even doing CRW whgere you would need more 'real estate' to complete your skydve, orient your flight path to run parallel to shore where you fly for miles, but still not end up any further out to sea.

Additionally, the idea of 'one new thing' at a time also deserves consideration. A plie of brand new gear, a new discipline (wingsuiting), and beach jumps, sounds like far more 'new' in a short period of time.

Given that I am in 'wild speculation' mode on all of this, I'll add that a 'newer, smaller, female' sounds like a prime target for an undue amount of attention from the 'older, larger, male' jumpers, who might end up telling her whatever she wants to hear for one reason 'or another'. She may have gotten some advice or encouraged to do things that a less attractive new jumper might not have.

I've made the suggestion before that if you get two pieces of conflicting advice about skydiving, go with the safer, more conservative opinion. I'll extend that same thinking to any of the newer female jumpers who get advice from the male jumpers. Get a second opinion from a more experienced female jumper, and if it's different, go with the female's advice. If there is no experienced female, find a male jumper who is attached/married to another jumper, and ask them.

It's a fact in skydiving that pretty girls get all the attention, and one of things that experienced male jumpers can offer them is training and opportunity. Sometimes this goes beyond what what the male jumper would 'normally' consider to be safe and prudent, but we've all done stupid things for love (or a piece of ass). The trouble is, in skydiving, being overly permissive with a new jumper ends up putting them at risk in the process.

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