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Martini  (D 23756)

Dec 28, 2012, 7:31 PM

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Re: [popsjumper] Stretching lineset back to trim

Here's a little fact: My lines are vastly closer to stock trim after I stretch them than before. This particularly applies to symmetry.

Safety-wise I am not aware of an increase in line breakage due to this practice. Broken Spectra lines seem uncommon even on badly worn linesets. If line breakage isn't a problem and openings, flight and landings are improved by better line trim then I would say safety is improved by using this technique. The only potential issue I see is brake lines snapping during a swoop, that would merit some study to see if there might be some vulnerability.

Value added? For 30 minutes of free labor (you can do this during a weather hold or whatever) your lines are in far better trim.

You're right about one thing, people are mostly too lazy to do this.

(edited to correct "break" to "brake" Wink )

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