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Dec 27, 2012, 6:11 AM

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Re: [snowcrash75] If you really want to sell you gear..


100% free forum with classifieds, excellent feedback system. That's what made me wonder why it is non-existant here, as it is another small community of flyers.

Without looking at the link, I'm guessing is RC planes. In that case, those guys buy and sell parts/planes all the time, so they would be able to develop a good feedback score in order to really mean something.

I've sold probably 3 things on the classifieds in the last 10 years, and bought about the same. There's just not enough activity on a per-person basis for feedback to really be of service.

In a case where some gets ripped off, they post the whole story for all to see. When it comes to those who don't reply to emails, I don't it's really worth the trouble.

None of this is mentioning that feedback is typically reserved for those who actually make a transaction with ehe seller. So if someone does not return your email, and you buy nothing, how do you leave feedback?

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