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Dec 25, 2012, 6:15 PM

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Re: [chuckakers] Check-in debate

I think there is an important distinction between someone who goes in without a main or reserve out (as appears to be the case here, and as was the case in the other notorious fatalities like it), and someone landing out under at least a partial that might be survivable. In the former case, unless they impact on the LZ, they likely will go unnoticed, but no accounting/check-in system is going to change the outcome. (At best, it will allow an early start to the search for the body.)

Where it might be beneficial is in the latter case. But here, the fact that they are landing off is more likely be noticed by other jumpers and casual spectators on the ground, particularly if something seemed unusual (like a spinning mal, or a drifting canopy flight heading away from the DZ). Have there been enough such incidents in the past (i.e., landing injured away from the DZ, but no one noticed) to justify the cost of putting in a system (and the cost of false alarms)?

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