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Dec 19, 2012, 10:13 AM

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The 10th Annual St.Patricks Day Celebration Boogie:Fitz 2013:March 14th-17th:Fitzgerald,Ga.

Well, here it is. I had planned on posting this early just to piss off Skymama but the professionalism in my procrastination got the best of me. Everyone has to be good at something.

That's right kids. Ten years for the event and our 5th year in Fitzgerald. It's been quite a ride. I wish I could tell you that all the planning was in place and I could tell you all about it, (Please see first paragraph) but this is what I got so far. I'm hoping for help from Skymama for any needed updates because we love her and she is the bestest moderator ever.Wink

So far we have a Super Otter from Skydive Spaceland and the Blackhawk Grand Caravan(850 hp)from Skydive the Farm. I have a King Air lined up as a third aircraft. We have the helicopter coming back from last year and I have a hot air balloon lined up with the option of 8 jumper slots if we have the need. I will once again be pre-booking balloon slots to make sure there is enough interest. I can accept credit cards for pre-boogie booking.

We have the boogie for those that want to be there not those that have to be paid to participate. Once again we will have organizers there for many skill levels and most disciplines but you won't see any big name organizers there. I take flack for this from some people but it's worked great for many years now.

I haven't verified everyone yet but I would expect most of our past organizers back. Fortson Rumble is doing a POPs record on Friday and then a short 10way comp for Sat.

Jeff Guy(Team Dirty Sanchez),Bruce Crawford, and others with small group RW. Rick Ream with the Muff Brothers.

Sunman and others will be FF organizing (I put others because they are unverified) If you have some you think might want to organize put them in touch with me.

Bill Killillay will be organizing the wingsuits and I believe they might do another Ga. State Record. Speak up if anyone is coming to do CReW.

Cyndi Brown with Dirty Pirate Hooker jumps. And I think the DPH will once again be helping you find an organizer if you are look for them.

The pond is available for swooping. You'll have to ask someone who's been in it what the temp is in March.

Tandems will be available so bring your friends to make a jump and to stay for the party.

As always, nightly bonfires, stupid human tricks and skydiver entertainment leading up to the Saturday night St.Patricks themed (unofficial) costume party. Live band and an entertainment idea that I'm working on that will be worth all the effort of getting there. I can guarantee you've never seen anything like this,ever.

EDIT to add;
Private/Group packing tents will be available again. Contact me or see into in the forums at I also have boogie shirts left from several years if you would like to help a brotha out with pre-boogie expenses. I can accept credit card for those and pre-boogie balloon booking.

This is a work in progress. I'll post updates here, on facebook and in the forums at I will transfer all of the useful info from last years threads. Until then most questions can be answered there.

Pricing will be added here as everything is finalized. Everything should stay pretty much in line with last year.

OK, kids. I'm ready to start accepting reservation for private group tents and balloon jump slots. I can accept checks by mail, paypal with fees added or credit cards by phone (or e-mail but figure most people won't want to put cc info in an e-mail)

It's important as in past years that I can show the balloon pilot that coming to the event will be worth his while. More so this year with having to find a new balloon company. I will need to get the balloon slots booked and paid as in the past. A slot in the balloon is $95.

A 15x15 private tent is $150. 20x30 is $300. Other sizes available. I do not make any money on the tents. This is cost plus tax.

Contact me via private message to book a tent or balloon slot. We also have previous years shirts available. I'll re-post the pic on the facebook event page and you can let me know your size. $15 for last years, $12 for other years and $10 for a second shirt. It would really help us to get rid of some of these.

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