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JerryBaumchen  (D 1543)

Dec 17, 2012, 1:48 PM

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Re: [Southern_Man] NoStoBag by AeroSports

Hi Southern,

Are you all making a MagBag as well?

Only if pressed. I made a number of prototype MagBags & sent them out to a handful of people in North America & Europe for test, evaluation & feedback.

Then I bought a 'bunch' of additional magnets for more bags.

Then the lightbulb went on & I thought of the NoStoBag. Shocked

The last few people who wanted MagBags, I talked into the NoStoBag as I consider it substantially a superior product for the user. For me, the NoStoBag is a LOT easier to build. Tongue

If seriously pressed, I would build a MagBag as I still have magnets for about 5 more MagBags. But when those magnets are gone I will no longer build a MagBag.

I do have a demo NoStoBag that I will send out to anyone who might want to see it.

Attached is a flyer for the NoStoBag.

Dealers for the NoStoBag are:


and in Europe:

Nicholas Cronin
Place Tarnaiae 1
1869 Massongex, Switzerland

Known on as 'piisfish.'

Does that answer your question?


PS) One local guy liked the NoStoBag so much that he built his own version for himself. Crazy

PPS) If you use a packer he/she will love the NoStoBag. Cool

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