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Dec 17, 2012, 12:13 PM

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Re: [craigbey] Skyhook input wanted

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Why are you pro-RSL?
Why are you sometimes conflicted about MARD's?

Maybe just me, but if I felt conflicted about any part of my kit, it would stay on the ground.

That's actually a fair question (especially the last implied one).

So... I'm pro-RSL because I think the getting a reserve pilot chute out as soon as the main is cut away is more useful than being able to time your reserve deployment after cutaway, for most of us. CRW (voluntary or otherwise) aside, it just doesn't seem helpful. Whereas trying and failing for stability, losing alti awareness, dislodging or being unable to grasp the reserve handle, are all things that have happened to otherwise pretty together people.

If you have a big snaggy camera mount, I can see the point. If you have a canopy where malfunctions are going to be radical, then that's just not something I know that much about. But for most of us, the balance of probability seems to side with it being a good idea.

Conflict about MARDs is just to do with benefit. They cost a bunch of money, they give riggers and container manufacturers more opportunity to make mistakes, they force design changes in rigs to accommodate them, and they make people feel safer than maybe they are.

In return, they get a reserve out slightly quicker, maybe in a better orientation... sometimes.

On balance I think my Skyhook makes me safer, probably. Now that I've shelled out for it. But I'm just less convinced it was a no-brainer than I am about the plain ol' RSL on my previous rig.

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