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Dec 16, 2012, 3:02 AM

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Re: [airtwardo] Skyhook input wanted

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Personally, I don't see the downside of the extra complexity as being worth it to 'me'...but in the right circumstances it does seem to do it's job.

This is about how I feel about it - my current rig has a Skyhook, but it's a pretty even decision either way and I wake up feeling differently about it about once a week. I am very pro-RSL, but a bit conflicted nowadays about the MARD part.

One thing that nobody here has mentioned yet though is the Collins lanyard built into the Skyhook. Extra complexity for sure, but it certainly feels like an important safety feature if you're going to have an RSL at all.

(Also, to newer jumpers who watch that Petra mal video and suddenly realise they want a Skyhook - are you jumping a tiny experimental canopy and doing massive turns into the gates? Then maybe not so useful as an example. Note this goes for me too Tongue)

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