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Dec 14, 2012, 2:03 PM

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Re: [JohnSherman] Skyhook input wanted

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Obviously a lot of variables like canopy type & rigger influence can make a difference, but unless the clocks on the videos are way off...
The clocks aren’t off, you are correct and I have learned a bunch and proven a theory.
Both cutaways were from fully deployed mains. That hurts the RSL and helps the Skyhook.
Reason: The RSL is always the same; it is consistent because it always uses the pilot chute which will always have the same drag capabilities. The Skyhook is faster when it has the very high drag of a fully inflated canopy but it will slow down depending upon the drag of the malfunctioned main. As the drag of the main (which is working as a pilot chute) decreases due to an increased severity of a malfunction on the main, the rapidity of the deployment also decreases. My previous views and timings were of higher speed mals to the extent where the malfunctioned main had no drag and the main pilot chute was doing all of the work. This can be dangerous if the main PC is collapsible and has collapsed. In a bag lock the collapsible PC doesn’t collapse with the bag closed. This is where Tandem gets tricky. The drogue has already collapsed upon release and is not available to assist the main if it has deficient drag. So now we are back to depending on the reserve pilot chute which if any good we wouldn’t need the Skyhook.

Almost looks like the reserve pilot chute beats the skyhook as you suggested.

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