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Dec 13, 2012, 1:04 PM

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Re: [JohnSherman] Skyhook input wanted

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This one is pretty quick ya gotta admit.

Yeah, but not even close to “as quick”. The Racer Tandem does it in 4 seconds, the one on the video above takes almost 6 seconds. Hard to tell exactly when the canopy is landable. Win to the Racer by a bunch. Racer Tandem deployment:

This certainly substantiates my assertion the Skyhook is not necessarily faster. In some cases (Tandem) it is still slower than the Racer.
Get out you stop watches folks or one of you video types could match them side by side.

Obviously a lot of variables like canopy type & rigger influence can make a difference, but unless the clocks on the videos are way off...

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