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Sure you don't mean 2008? The Amboy chute was found in February/March of 2008.

Yes, you are right I was just reading the post I made and when I did it - I said I needed to look up the dates, but just do not pull files - thanks for catching it.

Dates are the first thing to go.
Balancing check books is the other thing - all number related and for yrs I made my living with numbers - keeping books until Duane groomed me for sales.

The DNA was returned in 2007 and that WAS before the Amboy Chute find. I was NOT informed of the DNA not matching UNTIL after the Chute find. I was posting all of this as it happend. Carr called me on his cell on his way to a media things about the chute and told me Duane's DNA did not match.

Why he waited until that time - which was several months after the DNA was tested to tell me is what I questioned. He waits until he is on his way to an interview after the chute find to call me about the DNA. Why was I not informed of the DNA before hand and why did they way from 2003 to 2007 to even test the stuff.

Remember I have the receipts and the documents the FBI forgot to remove and he called telling me he was coming back to get it. I told him he couldn't have it and then he tells me he has a copy. It showed each item and the testing dates of each item - they only tested the items I told them probably didn't have Duane's DNA. I had little and I was a clean freak and I had remarried in 2004 - one doesn't keep lot of things belonging to a deceased spouse when they remarry - if so it is reduced to a very small box and put in a out of site storage - with me it was a hot humid attic.

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