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Dec 10, 2012, 5:17 PM

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Re: [MeyerLouie] Seeing with New Eyes

Loose track of who said what, but I agree with the posters of the following statement:

"I don't think Marla is nuts. I think she has ADD and is an opportunist".

""I don't believe Jo is nuts, either. She could even be right. But you need evidence to prove a case, or at least some witnesses who might be able to further that case a bit.

"Cook isn't nuts. But he's motivated to somehow prove Gossett was the hijacker, even if he has go out on some nutty limbs in the attempt."

"I must admit Blevins, that thought has crossed my mind -- are you jealous? You came around like 3 or so years ago, you were here for such a short time, then you co-wrote a book and you appeared on the History Channel -- and somehow I get the feeling you think all that automatically puts you in the "DB Cooper Hall of Fame." You have repeated yourself and your theory so many times you've lost pretty much all credibility".

" You seem so threatened and jealous of anyone who might get something over on you or who might get more notoriety than you."

"Earning respect takes time. Only people who've been around for a long time and who have earned a good reputation by their body of work deserve our respect."

"I have another point to make Blevins. For some reason you think you are on the same level as Georger and others. Well, you're not. Co-writing a book and appearing on Decoded does not make you an expert. Some folks here are playing in the Big League with the big boys. You aren't there yet. Spending years and years on this case, interfacing with the FBI and the key players on a regular basis, for years, make one an expert -- makes one "Cooper royalty" if you will."

I do NOT really like to repeat things, but I thought the statements above sum up what has been going on with the thread. We are going to loose our VOICE (if the thread ends) and that would be a terrible loss.

The sharing of information and theories and word of mouth on this thread - may be the ONLY way the public will ever know who Cooper was. I (JO) try to stay neutral, but some individuals will come in an make statements that encite and some of them HURT. This kind of thing - I have heard about causing suicides on face book and all of those other sites kids go to.

We are supposed to be a group of adults who should ACT like ADULTS. The only thing Blevins does I totally disapprove of is promoting his BOOK. Galen does NOT post here - but, all of us wish we knew what he was up to.
Smile If he did post here - he would not be spending time defending himself - he would come in post his opinion and summary and WALK away. That is just Cook.

Geoffry Gray never posted here, but he wrote a book that has been read around the world. I feel Blevins should think about this. (
Note for Belvins -Promoting your stand on your book on this thread is NOT going to make you creditable - infact you have destroyed your credibilaty with some of your posts. Me I am exploring what ifs and I am not writing a book, just seeking the truths and HOPE beyond ALL HOPE that someone some place just might read about Weber and produce that piece of evidence the FBI need to look at him with some serious investigation or force the FBI to reveal what they have - or had in 1998 to dismiss him.

IF the FBI had been POSITIVE regarding Weber NOT being Cooper when they wrote that letter to me (2 paragraphs) in 1998 dismissing Weber based on prints alone....WHY did they then in 2003 ASK for DNA. Even more puzzling is WHY they did NOT test the DNA until 2007

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