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Dec 10, 2012, 3:58 PM

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well, let's ask this, why are you here? "My credibility would suffer, because people would say I was doing that solely to 'push' KC as the only suspect"

now just a post or two above you said this: "If it's proven later that KC was definitely NOT DB Cooper, then I probably would stop posting here anyway."

it's ok to have a suspect such as you have, but I don't understand why you would leave if KC is found not being Cooper? this tells me you are not a Cooper investigator and probably shouldn't be on here because most of the evidence against him has been challenged here. Jo also falls in this category but has been at much longer than most.

if you were to ask me, I think your "agenda" seems to be surrounding KC?

sorry, I'm a little confused Cool

'Probably would stop posting here anyway' could be an exaggeration. More like, wouldn't post up so much unless I had something important to add to the investigation. If KC were proven NOT to be the guy, most of my work would be complete anyway. As I said, I'm not a Cooper Expert.

On the challenging of the evidence, that's normal. But then no one else has questioned the people I have named as witnesses, either. I left that option open by naming them publicly, all except Bernie's sister, and a good investigator could find her easily.

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